Vehicle shipping process

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From origin to destination, we take care of your vehicle shipment every step of the way. For specialty/oversize vehicles an alternative process may be necessary to load and secure for transport.

Survey: The first step of the shipping process is to complete a report of the vehicle’s condition. One of our qualified surveyors will complete an inspection of your vehicle so that both parties are aware of the vehicle’s condition at the point of origin. This process takes approximately five to ten minutes.

Pick up (optional): We can arrange to pick up your vehicle direct from your place of residence or business, if required. Your vehicle will be carefully driven onto a flatbed tow truck and transported to one of our terminal locations.

Load: Once at the rail terminal, your vehicle will be driven up a specially designed ramp onto a CN railcar. The ramps and railcars are specifically designed to transport automobiles and prevent damage during the loading and offloading process.

Secure: Once your vehicle has been loaded, it will be securely fastened to the railcar deck with a sophisticated tie-down system that allows your vehicle to ride freely on its own suspension. The secure and enclosed railcars protect your vehicle from the elements and minimize the chance of damage.

Transport: Your vehicle is then shipped to the destination terminal over CN’s rail network. CN’s EDI monitoring and tracing systems help ensure reliable, on-time delivery. They also allow us to track your vehicle during transit, giving you piece of mind.

Unload: At the destination terminal, your vehicle is carefully driven down the ramp and placed in our secure compound. You will then be promptly notified that your vehicle has arrived and is ready for pick up or delivery.

Delivery (optional): If you have chosen delivery service, your vehicle will be carefully driven onto a flatbed tow truck and delivered right to your door.