Livingston e‑Commerce™

Now there’s a better and more flexible way for major importers to clear thousands of individual parcels quickly and accurately through automation.

Accelerate border clearance. Scale efficiently with demand.

With streamlined customs brokerage solutions from Livingston e-Commerce™ you can pre-clear high volumes of low-value parcels entering the United States and Canada. Deconsolidate efficiently. Optimize customs compliance. Scale with sales fluctuations while improving customer service.

Digital streamlining is a game changer.

Thanks to customs rules and provisions, low-value parcels can be cleared faster than ever. But it takes the right technology to ensure compliance. We’ve made the investment so you don’t have to.

It’s good for your customers.

Everybody wins with pre-clearance. You skip the border lineup. Your customers save time and duty payments. Their experience improves. As does your relationship with them.

Compliance happens at full speed.

Advanced submission of electronic data can reduce risk dramatically. Classification improves. Penalties and future audits are far less likely – no matter how many transactions are processed.

U.S. e-commerce expedited.

Upload thousands of files in minutes at low cost, duty free.
Livingston e-Commerce™ customs solutions take full advantage of Section 321 eManifest and Entry Type 86 clearance.

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Livingston Bridge.
The engine of efficiency.

Livingston Bridge, the U.S. clearance technology from Livingston e-Commerce™, accelerates classification, validation, and formatting of bulk shipment releases. Because all the work is done in advance, you clear more shipments at less cost. And Bridge integrates seamlessly with enterprise systems via direct data exchange.

Importing to Canada?

There's no better choice than Livingston e-Commerce™ for Canadian e‑commerce customs clearance. We simplify the clearance of bulk e-commerce shipments and take full advantage of Canada’s new e-commerce release stream. You’ll clear faster. We’ll take care of compliance.

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Your advantages with Livingston

There’s efficiency working with Livingston, a single trusted advisor that can handle all your compliance needs worldwide.

Compliance excellence.

Livingston is a North American leader in compliance. Large. Strong. Experienced. We'll help you navigate e-commerce customs regulations.

One straight supply line.

Whatever connections you need, we have them, in both the United States and Canada. Brokerage. Technology. Warehousing. All the solutions to move your goods faster to your customers.

A commitment to simplifying.

Our commitment is to simplify the complexities of trade so you can import or export at the speed of opportunity.

A global perspective.

With offices and outposts across the world and a world-class consulting group, Livingston brings the broadest possible outlook to your importing challenges.

On the ground where it matters.

E-commerce is largely an east-to-west flow. That's why we have global offices where you need us, including China and Hong Kong.

Our people empower yours.

We work with hundreds of enterprise teams every day. Our goal is to provide the tools and advice they need for success. When your people win, we do too.

Warehousing & Logistics

Warehousing that’s secure and efficient.

The surge in e-commerce has put a premium on available warehouse space at the border. Livingston e-Commerce™ provides importers with a complete supply chain management solution, including secure and efficient warehousing and logistics in both the United States and Canada.

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  • Customs and compliance reality check
  • Data review for shipments governed by Partner Government Agencies
  • Product classification management
  • Technology integration
  • Reporting requirements

Risks and savings can be uncovered at every stage. Add it up and even the largest companies are often amazed at what they've been overlooking.

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Livingston e‑Commerce™ guide.

All U.S. importers of parcels valued under $800 should take advantage of the time and duty savings provided by Section 321 eManifest and Entry Type 86 for clearance. Our guide explains how to expedite goods to your customers while saving them duties and taxes.

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