Partner powerfully.

Livingston has professionalized customs brokerage to drive results throughout the supply chain. You can now do more, better, and for less. Consistently.


Manage complexity.

Complexity keeps growing. Trade regulations keep changing. With Livingston, you’ll offload risk while driving performance. One step ahead of change.

Automate efficiently.

Put your team at the forefront of customs entry automation. Livingston non-intrusive SaaS software solutions interface with your systems perfectly.

Enable your team.

Flex with opportunity. Livingston always has your back whether you need periodic admin help, high-level trade consulting, or audit support.

At a point, complexity becomes an unacceptable risk.

Trade regulations and technologies continue to get more complex. For large importers and exporters, there’s a crossroads. Either continue investing in new tech and a growing headcount, or reduce overheads and the risk of falling behind by scaling on demand with the right partner.

Livingston offers more.

More professionalization.

Complexity requires professionalization. We think of it as Customs Brokerage 2.0. Beyond clearing your goods, we cover all your risks and uncover all your opportunities across the supply chain. With deeper expertise, advanced technologies, and top people.

More resources.

With Livingston, you get full-spectrum value. We invest continually in depth and range of service. Customs brokerage. Consulting. Trade management. International freight. Every resource to accelerate flow and reduce risk.

More compliance specialists.

Most upper-tier customs brokers are large shipping companies that provide customs brokerage. Livingston is foremost a customs broker and compliance specialist. We are geared for compliance performance — before, during, and after clearance.

More authority.

Because of our deep resources and long-established record of compliance excellence, Livingston is trusted. We are first to be called when new government programs are in design, then a leader in pilots and rollouts. So you are always ahead of the curve.

Automated to be error-free.

Consistency drives results and protects reputations.
With Livingston, your trade activity is steadily monitored and optimized.

Best-In-Class Technologies.

Our automated SaaS software solutions interface non-intrusively with your systems, eliminating manual entry and speeding transit.

Best-Performance Data.

Because trade efficiency is a moving target, we continuously evaluate your trading procedures and performance end to end.

Reliable, Repeatable Results.

Better efficiency means better results, continuously. Risks covered. Money recovered. Opportunities leveraged. Again and again.

Partner in trade

Take the pressure off your people.

We take the load off your people, temporarily or ongoing. Using Livingston as a pressure-release valve can be a cost-effective alternative to staffing and training.

Achieve excellence for less.

There’s no better choice than Livingston for full management of key functions such as classifications, qualification, and reconciliation. Reduce time, labor, and errors. Make costs predictable. Benchmark performance. Flex with opportunity.

Trade globally with confidence.

With Livingston, you'll trade worldwide with full knowledge of compliance, trade agreements, and changing regulations across global customs regimes. Our consultants and regulatory teams specialize in geopolitical trends and risk minimization.

Optimize supplier compliance.

Your people need the assurance that compliance paperwork flowing from your suppliers can be trusted. We educate and onboard your suppliers then continually optimize the accuracy of shared data. Automation further mitigates errors.


Livingston Portal:
Industry-Leading Technology

Livingston Portal, our simple, intuitive customer portal technology, provides dashboard visibility plus industry leading performance modelling.

Dashboard Visibility

Watch all the important milestones along your supply chain as they occur. Use My Livingston to decide, initiate, adjust, monitor, and validate.

Performance Analytics

We steadily capture your cost-and-performance data plus that of your supply chain partners for root-cause analysis and ongoing fine-tuning.

Collaborate in Real-Time

My Livingston is the best way to collaborate with your team and ours. Share data and documents. Chat in real-time. Get action when needed.