Vision and Values

Livingston International will deliver superior financial returns by providing differentiated and valued service to our customers through integrated customs brokerage, trade compliance and global forwarding services.

Our customers and our employees are our most important assets. Our vision is that Livingston will be “first choice” as the service provider for our customers and as the employer for our associates. We will always strive to deliver outstanding quality and operational excellence to ensure we attract, service and retain both customers and employees.

Livingston Compass: values in action

Values represent what we believe in. The Livingston Compass provides management and staff with direction – guiding the way we act and the way we do business. Our core values set the basis for the way we meet our business objectives, the way we work with each other and the way we interact with clients, partners, investors and others. It is our values that move us toward our vision. At Livingston International, we have six core values.

  1. Respect: We respect other people, communicating clearly and acting with integrity.
  2. Client focus: We are focused on our clients, through efficient, responsive and innovative services and solutions.
  3. Decisiveness: We make decisions, based on our best analysis of the situation, input from others and a willingness to take action.
  4. Positive attitude: We have a positive attitude, with pride in the accomplishments of our company, our team and ourselves. We are excited about the future.
  5. Financial responsibility: We are financially responsible, spending wisely, supporting business objectives and continually striving to add value.
  6. Balance: We strive for balance in our competing daily work demands and in our personal and work lives.