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Trade technology offers ultimate integrated control. Sharper insights. Reliable compliance. Accurate documentation to clear borders without delay.


Track performance data.

With our online solutions you’ll capture the data you need. Improve supply chain decisions by tracking and analyzing performance trends over time for each imported product.

Scale control.

Flexible and scalable, our technologies align to your requirements. Control as much or as little of the import and/or export process as you want. Add Livingston apps as needed.

Stay compliant.

Our tools are designed for compliance excellence. Rules-based intelligence is built in to validate and augment data, increase documentation accuracy, and reduce customs clearance delays.

Technology Products

Customs information access

Customs information access

Check your shipments, search any variable, perform trend and scenario analysis.

Global trade management

Global trade management

TradeSphere® trade management software is the compliance manager’s global dashboard.

Self-filing solutions

Self-filing solutions

Our DIY clearance systems for large importers also means access to our experts if needed.

End-to-end trade technology. Make your goods flow faster.

Agile supply chains depend on airtight compliance. Our scalable, adaptable, compliance-focused online solutions provide end-to-end management of every import and export process. The degree of our involvement is your choice: from full insourcing/self-filing of entries to total outsourcing.

Control costs

Control costs

Perform trade program analysis to optimize duty savings. Quickly and easily determine duty rates on import shipments. Make better purchasing decisions.

Ensure compliance

Ensure compliance

Manage your customs activities online and store your entries electronically. Meet your government agency record-keeping requirements. Reduce paper-trail management.

Streamline your supply chain

Streamline your supply chain

Manage your trade data and gain valuable insights on your vendor, carrier and business performance. Identify and execute corrective actions. Lower costs. And hold supply chain partners to a high service standard.

Document creation simplified

Document creation simplified

Create compliant shipping documents quickly and easily. With template and product database features that allow you to upload or download data from other sources. Save time. Reduce manual input errors.

Livingston Portal.
Track. Identify. Connect. Collaborate.

Leverage our powerful trade-support tools to simplify, automate, and streamline.

  • Track patterns in your trading.
  • Identify issues that need attention.
  • Resolve and move on quickly.
  • Connect with Livingston reps and experts.
  • Collaborate on shared tasks.
  • Monitor vendor, carrier, and business performance.

Solutions to fit your needs.

No matter your business size.

Designed to fit your business needs and the role you play in the international trade process. We understand supply chain pain points and have solutions to address your needs.



  • Generate Documents: Create your export shipping documentation
  • Screen for Restricted Parties: Screen your trade partners against more than 80 global lists
  • Self-file AES Declarations: Prepare and send your export declarations to the Automated Export System (AES)
  • Track Freight: Obtain freight-milestone status, status exceptions, shipment and port details


  • Submit ACE and ACI eManifest: File your carrier ACE manifest for U.S. and ACI manifest for shipments into Canada
  • Track Customs Status: Get our mobile app and track the customs release status of U.S.-bound and Canada-bound shipments


  • Calculate Landed Cost: Calculate your estimated duties, taxes, freight, transportation and insurance charges
  • Create Reports: Analyze shipment, vendor and carrier metrics through the lens of customs and freight
  • Submit Trade Data: Transmit your commercial invoice data to Livingston electronically
  • Review Documents: Maintain electronic recordkeeping in accordance with regulations
  • Track Freight: Obtain freight milestone-status, status exceptions, shipment and port details
  • Self-file ISF: File your Importer Security Filing to U.S. Customs
  • Manage Product Data: One automated and integrated app for all your product data. Update. Validate. Communicate.
  • Monitor Solicitation Projects: Gather and validate supplier origin eligibility data. Suppliers input directly to the app.
  • Mitigate Delays: Follow shipments via text or email notifications. Alerts flag exceptions/required actions.
  • Automate Payments:Pay with credit card, debit card, or make instant bank payments. Export account history. Get notified.
  • Self-file Lumber Permits: File your softwood lumber export permit to Global Affairs Canada for softwood lumber products originating in Canada.


Clear customs on your terms. Go Direct.

Livingston’s new digital platform lets you create and manage all your customs clearances while being guided by experts.

Stay informed.Track your goods on the go.

Whether you’ve got a dedicated dispatcher tied to a phone and computer all day, or you’re an on-the-go owner/operator of a small business, Livingston’s Shipment Tracker allows you to check the U.S. and Canadian border clearance status of your shipment in real time and receive status notifications for any shipment in-progress.

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