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In October of 2020, only 17% of businesses were ready for Brexit. The other 83% are now feeling the pain of Brexit’s bite.

What’s changed?

A lot. The post-Brexit period has ushered in a new customs regime. That means a new trade agreement, new taxes, new regulations, new processes and new documentation requirements. There are higher costs and greater risk, but also opportunities for cost savings. We help businesses in the UK and EU mitigate Brexit’s adverse impact and keep their supply chains moving.

Get informed.

Need more info on Brexit? Visit our dedicated page to access links to helpful resources, and to better understand how the UK-EU trading relationship and customs regime have changed.

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Trade Lane Assessment

Review your documentation

It’s not just about crossing Ts. We examine declaration types, licensing, denied party screening, valuation and origin documents to ensure compliance.

Analyze your transport

Don’t be disrupted. Get an assessment of your trade lanes in and out of the UK to see how you can mitigate delays and cut costs.

Investigate sourcing markets

Reveal the political and economic threats to your supply chain while identifying sourcing markets to supplement or replace suppliers in the EU.

Learn the cost. Assess the risk.

Classify your goods

Prevent penalties. Ensure your goods are being properly classified under the new trade regime, so you can avoid costly fines and retroactive payments.

Set up Incoterms®

We get you in sync with your supply chain partners by reviewing supplier and customer contracts for regulatory liability clauses and provide recommendations.

Assess Impact of Tariffs/Taxes

Get a synopsis of the cost implications associated with new tariffs and taxes, and identify opportunities to mitigate the impact.


Get true guidance

Our SmartMap™ process offers a comprehensive evaluation of your entire supply chain, revealing risks, deficiencies and cost-saving opportunities.

Set your priorities

Get a detailed, interactive report using a stoplight format to pinpoint your top priorities to achieve compliance.

Ask the experts

Our trade consultants offer wide-ranging expertise on all aspects of the international supply chain, including EU distribution centers, and are on hand to offer strategic counsel.

Meet Our Team

Dave Merritt

With more than 45 years of international trade compliance experience, David has a broad understanding of the global trade environment and detailed knowledge of EU import and export control regimes, laws, regulations, and prohibitions affecting international trade.

Gavin Everson

Gavin Everson has over 35 years of experience in customs, international trade and logistics management, particularly in implementing customs and logistics processes and systems. He has responsibility for advising and delivering Customs solutions to Livingston’s EMEA clients.

Brexit Preparedness Webinar

Brexit is fast approaching and with it UK businesses will need to adhere to an entirely new customs regime. Our webinar simplifies the changes set to take place and the steps required for businesses to be prepared. Click here to get up to date.

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Brexit Webinar

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