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Carriers Give your customers more.

How do you compete with the big players? Offer more. With Livingston, you’ll add full customs service, greater visibility, and all the answers.


Clear borders quickly.

“Where’s my shipment?” is the last thing you want to hear. You need to give customers confidence that their goods will cross without issue.

Offer more. More efficiently.

Offering customs brokerage adds a revenue stream to your portfolio. Leverage our model and scale to reduce your fixed costs.

Keep things simple.

Customers appreciate a single invoice. Bundle freight, transportation, and all customs brokerage fees in one invoice.

Get all the info you need to keep moving.

Visit our Carrier resources page for the latest on U.S.-Canada border wait times, checklists, forms, and more!

Livingston specializes in helping carriers do more for their customers.

E-manifest Services

E-manifest Services

We perform your e-manifest with ease – every time. We’ll validate for accuracy and ensure you’ve filed on time, so you can cross the border without delay.

Shipment Tracking

Shipment Tracking

Give your customers full visibility into the customs process, every step of the way. Our software gives them easy online access their information with powerful reporting capabilities.

Partnership Programs

Partnership Programs

Provide a full-service brokerage and transportation solution to your customers. Focus on delivery while Livingston handles the customs clearance technical details.

Access to Experts

Access to Experts

Get access to our network of customs and trade experts, and get answers to your most difficult customer questions with just one call.

We know the border better than anyone.

With more than 75 years of experience, offices across North America and more than 500 licensed customs professionals and certified specialists, there isn’t a customs or trade challenge we’re not prepared for.

Livingston has the customs brokerage knowledge, expertise and resources available to ensure fast, efficient clearance of goods, no matter the cargo, destination or port of entry.

Clear the path
We know the border better than anyone.

Full visibility, for you and your clients.

When shipments are facing delays at the border due to a customs issue, carriers are often just as in-the-dark as the customer. With Livingston as your partner, you can be confident that shipments will clear customs quickly and efficiently, every time.

And with Livingston’s tracking solutions, you’ll always know the status of your customers’ shipments and be able to update them accordingly.

Trade technology
Full visibility, for you and your clients.

Build equity with customers – and help your bottom line.

Customers stick with suppliers who offer it all. Service. Convenience. Simplification. When your transportation solution includes customs brokerage, you cover your customers’ needs, start to finish.

We diligently keep our customer bases separate. Brokerage outsourcing is walled off from our traditional wholesale brokerage offerings, meaning your customers are your customers—not ours.

Build equity with customers – and help your bottom line.

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Partner with Livingston.

Improve your coverage, efficiency, and cost through our efficient 24/7/365 operation.

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Find out if outsourcing your e-manifest requirements is right for you.

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Livingston’s shipment tracker app.

Carriers count on us for up-to-date PAPS and PARS tracking information.

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