Single Shipments Done right.

You have a single shipment to import or export and you want to clear Customs quickly. We can help. But there are a few things you should know first.


Do it right.

With Livingston, every detail of your shipment — from the paperwork to final customs clearance — will be handled with uncompromising professionalism.

Do it fast.

The fastest way across an international border is through perfect compliance. Customs authorities have high standards. We ensure you meet them.

Do it worry-free.

The last thing you want is added difficulty and costs at the border. With Livingston, there are simply no worries. Every shipment receives our full attention.

Not all customs brokers are created equal.

You have a choice: a discount service or seasoned pros. With Livingston, you work with a qualified trade advisor who will guide you through your specific customs challenges. We will answer questions you didn’t even know to ask. It’s called personal attention. That’s Livingston.

Three things to know before you import.

It can be tricky.

You’d be amazed at how many one-time shippers think that importing and exporting is like checking out at a supermarket. It’s more like writing an examination with the teacher scanning the room for cheaters.

Classification has to be precise.

Imports and exports are classified and described by the shipper. You’d think that would be straightforward. It’s not. There are hundreds of classifications and descriptions.

Brokers are like error insurance.

Customs agencies hold importers liable for inaccuracies in their documentation. A broker helps you avoid errors that could come back to haunt you. Nobody wants questions from customs officials.

The Livingston Difference

Whatever arises, you are covered.

Livingston has unrivalled breadth and depth of experience. That matters if something unforeseen holds up your shipment. Your representative at Livingston has instant access to all our resources. Any questions Customs has, we can address.

We handle the details for you.

Knowledge isn’t just power, it’s also peace of mind. With Livingston, there’s nothing to worry about. We explain everything then handle the details. You are never on your own with us.

Taking a little more time pays off.

Your Livingston trade advisor will spend time with you — to explain the process, the steps, the documentation, and possible bumps in the road. Your shipment is important. Get it right.

Your record will be A+.

One-time shippers sometimes become two- or three-time shippers. Having a clean record with Customs is what you want. By showing excellent due diligence, you’ll be in the government’s good books.


We have everything else you might need.

Livingston has you covered. From customs brokerage to international freight and transportation to vehicle moves, we’ve got everything you might need, all in one place.