Carrier and Forwarder

Improve your value proposition to customers. As a ground transportation provider or freight forwarder, your customers want speed and security without border worries. Consider it done.

Your customers want things simple. They want their goods delivered as promised, without supply chain interruptions. By offering an end-to-end solution that includes customs brokerage, you’ll remove potential obstacles, make their lives easier and future business more likely.

Partnership Program
for Carriers

Differentiate yourself in a crowded market. With Livingston at your side, you can provide a transparent brokerage/transportation solution. We handle the brokerage back-office functions. You focus on your core business while competing more effectively with the big-name players.

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Partnership Program
for Freight Forwarders

Offer your clients more. Add exceptional customs brokerage service. Or, if you already have an in-house solution, improve your coverage, efficiency, and cost through our coast-to-coast office network and highly efficient 24/7/365 operational structure. Be your best.

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Offer more, more efficiently.

Customs brokerage adds a revenue stream to your portfolio. If you already offer a customs brokerage solution, leverage our model and scale to reduce your fixed costs.

Partner without worry.

We scrupulously keep our customer bases separate. Brokerage outsourcing is walled off from our traditional wholesale brokerage offerings. Your customers are your customers, not ours.

Be of service 24/7.

With our coast-to-coast office network and 24/7 operational structure, you are able to provide your customers with customs clearance regardless of time of day, or day of week.

Send one invoice.

Customers appreciate a single invoice. Bundle freight, transportation, and customs brokerage into one convenient service with one invoice, including all customs brokerage fees, duties, and taxes.

Improve transparency.

Make the customs brokerage process fully visible to your customers, every step of the way. With our software, they have easy online access to all their information, plus powerful reporting abilities.

Fortify loyalty.

Clients stick with suppliers who offer it all. Service. Convenience. Simplification. When your transportation solution includes customs brokerage, you cover your clients’ needs, start to finish.

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With over 75 years of experience and a respected presence at all major ports in the United States and Canada, Livingston has the resources and the people in place to help you take your transportation or freight forwarding service offering to the next level.