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Is this you? You want to join an industry leader with a long record of top performance. You are a learner and want your company to back your efforts. You want to see a clear professional growth path, good benefits, helpful colleagues, and a commitment to social responsibility.
If so, you’ve come to the right place.

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With Livingston, you’ll be at the forefront of change and innovation in world trade.

Canada’s largest customs broker.

We are Canada’s largest customs broker and the fourth largest entry filer in the U.S. We operate locations in 13 countries.

A leading industry voice.

Be with the best. Livingston is a career-reinforcing thought leader on international trade and regulatory change.

A place to keep learning.

Careers are built on knowledge. We’ll help you. Product expertise. Skills. Leadership. It’s all there when you want it.


Livingston is a learning culture where it’s easy to get ahead if you are motivated.

Onboard confidently.

All new Livingston associates take part in a comprehensive orientation program.

Launch knowledgeably.

We offer a blended learning approach that combines classroom learning with on-the-job training.

Feel prepared.

Our professional preparation programs prepare you for brokers exams or certifications.

Be change-ready.

You are assured of training before working on any new system, process, or other major change.

Be compensated.

Tuition reimbursement is available for external educational programs that meet criteria.


With Livingston, you’ll have a career, not just a job.

Be assured.

We’ve built a culture where anyone can learn, grow, and move. There are no slots here, only tracks. No pigeonholes, always flight paths.

Get involved.

There are many opportunities to work on projects and key initiatives. If you show interest, we are interested in your efforts and ideas.

Plan your future.

Map your career with first-rate career development planning. It’s to your benefit to set goals, and our benefit to help you meet them.

Change direction.

Our multiple business lines and support groups offer many career opportunities. If you want to change course, you can do it right here.

Pick your path.

Professional development programs are built in. We believe in supporting people who believe in themselves.

Stay with us.

Growth is our strategy. Retaining our talent is vital. That mean we take your hopes seriously, and open doors every step of the way.



We offer competitive benefits and health-and-wellness programs, so when you need extra care, you’re covered.


We believe in equal opportunity and fairness, free of discrimination. We operate above board, favouring no one over anyone else.


Livingston promotes teamwork in a friendly environment. Colleagues help each other. We pull together. Everyone benefits.


We celebrate employees with recognition, rewards, and incentive programs. When you do something especially well, your efforts are seen and known.


Our brokerage operations offer shift work, which some employees prefer. We accommodate preferences whenever possible.


Livingston is a socially responsible company that gives back to the community and always considers environmental impacts. Care is cultural here.


Our industry is constantly changing and growing, so you will too.

Lead. Learn. Grow.
Be the expert.

Life is better when you know your stuff.
At Livingston, that’s the opportunity.

Lead. Learn. Grow.
Be the expert.

Life is better when you know your stuff.
At Livingston, that’s the opportunity.

View Available Jobs