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Canadian Customs

In Canada, Livingston is the customs brokerage leader. Our deep knowledge of every possible outcome is to your advantage at the border.

Canadian Customs Brokerage Services

Canadian Customs Clearance

Achieve optimal clearance. Duties. Licenses. Permits. Filings. Handled deftly on your behalf.

Customs Self Assessment

We’ll help you be approved for Customs Self Assessment (CSA). Step by step.

Non-Resident Importer

Foreign-based company? Import into Canada with all advantages of a Canadian company.

Solutions built around you

Customs brokerage, custom-fitted. No matter what you ship, we’ll tailor solutions to your systems and procedures. We build and follow client-specific standard operating procedures. Regular business reviews are your assurance that our promises are being kept and your goals met.

One efficient point of contact.

One efficient point of contact.

Business is more efficient when communication is direct. With Livingston, you have a single dedicated point of contact. In the background, a skilled team makes your interests their priority. Your experience is clear and consistent, shipment after shipment.

The latest intelligence, applied.

The latest intelligence, applied.

Our business is to keep your business moving. Data is the foundation. Whatever your industry, we have the very latest data and insights. Legislation. Protocols. Trends. We are always looking for new ways to leverage your opportunities and reduce your risks.

Your decision making, supported.

Your decision making, supported.

The rules are always evolving. That’s why Livingston publishes weekly regulatory updates, compiled by our analysts and condensed for bottom-line reading. Our briefs, webinars, and educational programs are indispensable support for your import/export decision makers.

Track every step.

Track every step.

With Livingston, there are no dark holes. Your shipments and documents are always fully visible with our online tools and tracking app. Email or text notifications keep you informed. Your carriers and truck drivers have 24/7 access to our contact center.

No surprises.

No surprises.

Compliance issues can come as a surprise — unless you work with us. We are intently compliance-focused. We help you improve your compliance, reduce penalties, and improve customs visibility. Get to market faster and be notified every step of the way. Surprise-free.

We’ve got you covered. More than 800 Canadian employees at your service.

Your business reputation is at stake every time you import or export. That’s why our experience matters. Livingston is Canada’s top customs broker and a North American leader. We simplify trade for you by skillfully navigating the vast nexus of government agencies, regulations, protocols, and updates that often overwhelm business owners. You are capably covered, from start to delivery.

Map of Canada

Have our weight behind you.

When you work with the largest entry filer in Canada, the authorities pay attention. Experience is appreciated. Relationships are well established. Our extensive coast-to-coast network of offices means attentive service and faster clearance.

Have the answers.

When a shipment is questioned, you want a ready answer. Your Livingston client service team knows you, your business, and the answers to any question Canada Customs might have. There’s no time lost. Far fewer delays. No question unanswered.

Have access to everything.

Customs is our core business. So every part of our company is built around customs and compliance services. For you, that means access to the most complete suite of solutions available in Canada. And a seamless flow that only experts can offer.

Stay informed.Track your goods on the go.

Whether you’ve got a dedicated dispatcher tied to a phone and computer all day, or you’re an on-the-go owner/operator of a small business, Livingston’s Shipment Tracker allows you to check the U.S. and Canadian border clearance status of your shipment in real time and receive status notifications for any shipment in-progress.

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