Customs Self Assessment

If you’re considering becoming a customs self-assessment (CSA) importer, let us help. Livingston offers a wide range of services developed specifically for CSA importers (and those considering CSA).

CSA customs brokerage services: Our experienced CSA customs brokerage teams can act as either your in-house customs department or your “safety net” when you need them.

CSA self-clearance technology: With Insight Partner, you use the same system as Livingston, Canada’s leading customs broker. Secure, online access is available to you and your staff from any PC with Internet access.

CSA consulting services: Livingston Consulting can help you prepare for CSA and help you manage the process through our CSA readiness assessment and our CSA advisory services.

North American freight for CSA importers: Our North American freight professionals can provide complete CSA transportation services, both truck freight brokerage and full transportation management. With Livingston freight, you have access to CSA member carriers and the full benefits of the FAST program at the border.