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Article Force Majeure at Montreal terminals

Montreal Gateway Terminals (MGT) has announced that, effective Tuesday February 25th, 2020, a Force Majeure will be declared due to the blockades that have brought services across most of CN Rail’s network to a halt. To avoid further gridlocks resulting... Read more >

Article 2020 Spring weight restrictions

February 12, 2020 – Every year, a number of Canadian provinces implement a “Spring Thaw” policy, which specifies reduced trailer load restrictions in order to protect roads from significant damage at a time of year when roads are most vulnerable... Read more >

Article The high cost of sourcing outside China

This article on alternative sourcing to China was originally published in the Journal of Commerce on May 29, 2019.  By Mike Meierkort, President, International Freight & Transportation Solutions & Cora Di Pietro, Vice President, Global Trade Consulting The recent escalation in the trade... Read more >

Article How Business Can Navigate the New Trade Order

This article originally appeared in Supply Chain World Magazine on Sept. 18, 2018 By Jim Harris, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media Companies involved in international trade have come to expect the unexpected in recent months. The renegotiation of the North American... Read more >

Article NAFTA’s invisible but critical Mexican trucking debate

This article was originally published in Global Trade Magazine on Aug. 22, 2018. By Mike Meierkort, President, International Freight & Transportation Solutions The ongoing trade dispute between the US and China (and more recently with Turkey) has understandably pushed the... Read more >


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