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Advanced Technology

Livingston Bridge for U.S. e-commerce streamlines pre-clearance.

Livingston Bridge accelerates the classification, validation, and formatting of consolidated e-commerce shipments so your shipments enter the U.S. faster, duty free, and at lower cost.

Why the right technology matters.

Many large importers are still relying on legacy processes for the clearance of e-commerce goods. Without the right technology and knowledge they are unable to take advantage of the speed and efficiency of Section 321 eManifest and Entry Type 86 clearance.

There are multiple benefits.

A technology-driven strategy means data is clean, quickly transmitted, and audit-ready if needed. Supply chain visibility and sustainability are enhanced. Clearance speed increases. Costs drop.

What is Bridge?

Our Livingston e-Commerce™ technology driven Bridge solution optimizes e-commerce entry to the United States through Entry Type 86/eManifest electronic filing for consolidated shipments. If your goods are valued at under $800, Bridge is your ideal gateway for reducing needless time spent waiting, transferring, and clearing.

How it works.

Super-fast, precise, and affordable, Livingston Bridge checks and completes HS6 codes and 10-digit export and import codes for optimal compliance flow. Thousands of orders are processed rapidly and accurately.

In addition to product classification management, its key functions include:

  • Data input and intake
  • Data formatting and transmissions
  • Identification of regulated goods governed by Partner Government Agencies (PGA)
  • E-commerce clearances
  • Reporting

It handles the hard part.

Classification of goods for import is complicated but necessary. Livingston Bridge makes it easier in three ways:

  • Accurate HS10 code assignment and validation based on an always-up-to-date Harmonized System (HS) Product Library.
  • PGA shipment identification
  • Time saved by having Livingston e-Commerce™ compliance experts validate Entry Type 86 shipments for you.

The difference it makes.

Properly classified and coded by Livingston Bridge technology, your goods move across the border without delay. SKU-level tax-rule data is uploaded, formatted, and transmitted in minutes — whatever the volume of your shipments.

Your risk is sharply reduced.

Importers are legally responsible for accurate classification. Submitting inaccurate codes, even accidentally, can mean delayed or rejected shipments, financial penalties, and inspections. Bridge offers peace of mind by reducing the risk of misclassification. Furthermore, if an audit arises sometime in the future, compliance data is reliable and accessible.

The right code means the lowest tariff. Or none.

You won’t leave money on the table. Livingston Bridge finds you the most favorable codes for reducing tariffs, if they apply. Footballs, for example, can enter the U.S. duty free. But “inflatable balls” incur a 4.8% import tax. Bridge knows the difference. So your bottom line is always protected.

The ever-changing rules can’t trip you up.

Backed by Livingston e-Commerce™ trade experts, Livingston Bridge is always on top of constantly shifting rules, regulations, and product requirements. That means you are too. It’s like insurance against delays and penalties. And one less hurdle to jump.

The final upside.

Because Livingston Bridge is an technology driven service, pricing goes down and performance goes up.

If you want to know more, talk to us.

Whatever your industry, the experienced team of Livingston e‑Commerce™ specialists is there to guide you through the process. We know the ropes. All of them. Classification strategies. Supply chain strategies. Trade preference programs. Duties and taxes. Good advice always pays. You can count on us.

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Take advantage of one free consultation. Find out at no cost what a Livingston e‑Commerce™ Trade Management Executive can do for you.

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  • Data review for shipments governed by Partner Government Agencies
  • Product classification management
  • Technology integration
  • Reporting requirements

Risks and savings can be uncovered at every stage. Add it up and even the largest companies are often amazed at what they've been overlooking.

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