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Trade Advantages

Here’s why Entry Type 86 clearance is good for e-commerce.

Entry Type 86 speeds clearance with advanced electronic filing for e-commerce parcels under the U.S. $800 de minimis threshold.

It’s part of CBP’s automation drive.

The engine behind the speed is CBP’s ACE (Automated Commercial Environment), a fully electronic cargo manifest release and notification system being used by air carriers, freight forwarders, importers, and customs brokers to rapidly exchange data.

It’s the obvious route for low-value
e-commerce shipments.

Thousands of files can be uploaded in minutes at low cost through Livingston’s Automated Broker Interface (ABI). The obvious benefit: faster business scaling and growth, unimpeded by border delays.

Plus, regulated commodities clear faster.

Standard Section 321 de minimis (under $800) shipments are released using the manifest process, which cannot be used for regulated commodities governed by Partner Government Agencies (PGA).

Because Entry Type 86 allows filing of additional data required by CBP for PGA goods, regulated cargo is cleared considerably faster with compliance top-of-mind.

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