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E-commerce consolidators now have a powerful Canadian border clearance advantage with Livingston e‑Commerce™.

We do the work.
You get the credit.

With our Livingston e‑Commerce™ customs brokerage process, consolidators and freight forwarders can expedite high volumes of low-value parcels entering Canada. The benefits: efficient deconsolidation, optimal compliance, and reduced risk of delivery delays.

Expand your carrier network.

Importantly, with our process you can broaden your carrier network. You are free to negotiate the best transport prices and delivery schedules with all couriers.

Operational scalability as you grow.

Low-value parcel clearance can be expedited. But it takes the right technology and expertise to optimize compliance. We’ve made the investment so you can scale your operations efficiently to meet demand.

Advanced technology that lowers costs.

Your retailer clients want to lower supply chain costs. Our technology-driven process enables you to pass along lower clearance costs. Your customers get better service at a better price.

Optimal customs compliance at full speed.

Advanced submission of electronic data via our Livingston e‑Commerce™ compliance experts reduces customs delays dramatically. Classification improves. Penalties and future audits are no longer a constant worry.

E-tailers & Marketplaces

Increase profitability two ways.

Everyone who’s clearing high volumes of low-value parcels into Canada wants to lower supply chain costs and increase profitability while improving last-mile delivery. We can help you do it all. With Livingston e‑Commerce™, you’ll improve control of your international fulfillment, avoid FBA service fees, and lower exposure to duty remittances, particularly if goods are regulated by Partner Government Agencies (PGA).

Take full advantage of the coming growth in Canadian e-commerce.

E-commerce is only going to keep growing. So speed, service, and reliability are increasingly critical. Partnering with Livingston e‑Commerce™ streamlines your cross-border trade. However your goods arrive, however you release them for the last mile, we keep things moving on your behalf.


Canada’s position worldwide for cross-border shopping per capita.


Estimated growth of e-commerce shipments into Canada by 2027.


Online sessions dropped because estimated delivery is too slow.

Problem solved.
Many happy returns.

Returns have been a nagging problem for e-tailers. No more. With Livingston e‑Commerce™, your retailer customers can take full advantage of cross-border returns management. Increase your efficiency. Keep goods moving. Save your customers money.

Three more advantages with Livingston e‑Commerce™.

Compliance is our focus.

As e-commerce volumes continue to surge, customs clearance is lengthier and costlier than ever before. Livingston e‑Commerce™ is Canada’s compliance expert. We help you avoid every conceivable bottleneck.

We’re the missing piece.

You already support traditional retailers at the border with IT infrastructure, warehousing, and fulfillment capacity. By partnering with us, you will also cost-efficiently integrate reliable brokerage service.

Integrated data systems make it easy.

It’s a beautiful thing when data flows smoothly. Our advanced data systems work with yours through a seamless interface. We move the right data to the right people at the right time.

Reinforce your reputation.

Your customers want stable relationships with reliable partners. To win that business, you have to offer consistently responsive service at a lower price. Our Livingston e‑Commerce™ tech-driven brokerage process is designed to ensure that you deliver on that promise with every shipment.

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Risks and savings can be uncovered at every stage. Add it up and even the largest companies are often amazed at what they've been overlooking.

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