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How-to guide How to build a great compliance program

Struggling with Import Regulations? As an importer, compliance is essential for keeping your goods moving on-time, every time. If poor compliance practices are not addressed and corrected, the costs can add up quickly and can have a serious impact on... Read more >

How-to guide Five compliance questions every CEO should ask

Your supply chain is like a complex machine, full of moving parts that depend on one another for smooth, efficient operation. Unfortunately, it only takes one compliance mistake to throw the entire operation into disarray. With that in mind, we’ve... Read more >

How-to guide Five ways to make U.S.-Mexico shipments more efficient

Are you conducting business across the southern U.S. border? As you’ve no doubt noticed, customs regulations and requirements between the U.S. and Mexico are unique, complex – and challenging. Livingston has prepared a guide with five key steps you can... Read more >

How-to guide 10 Questions to ask before you export from the U.S.

Getting your export documentation right is crucial to avoiding lengthy wait times, hefty fines, or having your shipment denied at the border. Establishing and maintaining effective and accurate export documentation processes can be a challenge, but there are steps you... Read more >

Best practices Time is money: 10 tips to avoid border delays

Did you know that incomplete or inaccurate documentation are among the most common reasons for border delays? Delays at the border can be a nuisance at best and a supply chain nightmare at worst. These delays are frustrating, stressful and... Read more >

How-to guide Five reasons to outsource your free trade program workload

Are professional duty management services right for your business? Managing free trade programs is a complex task, from addressing the unique requirements of goods and countries involved to submitting required documentation – not to mention dealing with multiple vendors and... Read more >

How-to guide Global product classification: Getting help in getting it right

Outsourcing global product classification saves headaches - and money. Every product or item shipped across international borders requires its own classification number. Some classifications are straightforward, but many complex technology products require a high level of research and resources to... Read more >


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