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How-to guide E-Commerce Efficiencies

Work smarter, not harder. Clear your low-value shipments faster and for less. Our e-commerce guide shows you how leveraging Section 321 eManifest and Entry Type 86 for clearance can help you get goods into your customers’ hands more quickly, while... Read more >

How-to guide Shipping to Canada. Simplified.

Cross-border shipping is a great way to expand your client base, product reach and revenue streams. But there are rules and regulations to adhere to, and non-compliance can be costly. Expand your borders The Canadian market, like the country itself,... Read more >

How-to guide The Non-Resident Importer Guide

Find out how U.S. exporters can take advantage of the Non-Resident Importer program to expand into Canadian markets This guide is an essential resource for any business aiming to become a non-resident importer. Starting with basic questions like “What is... Read more >

How-to guide Common Canadian shipping acronyms

Ever wondered just what the "AMPS" in "AMPS penalty" stands for? Or just what the DFAIT is? Customs and trade, like most industries, relies on a fair amount of jargon and acronyms. Livingston is here to help. Our experts have... Read more >

How-to guide Ensure smoother customs clearance as an NRI

As an NRI, it’s critical to have the right documentation in place to keep your customs clearance process smooth and easy. To help you keep track of your requirements and responsibilities, we’ve prepared an overview of the documentation you need... Read more >

How-to guide Creating sales opportunities as an NRI

Are you considering expanding your business into Canada? Canada’s Non-Resident Importer (NRI) program is a great way to reach more clients and get a step ahead of your competition. Becoming an NRI means you can ship your goods to Canada... Read more >


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