Five questions every Canadian food importer/exporter should ask

Are you ready for new food importing regulations?

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) regulatory framework modernization initiative is designed to improve safety of food and food products for Canadians. Roll-out is ongoing, and impacts importers, exporters, manufacturers and processors of food in Canada – both those that conduct trade internationally and those that trade inter-provincially within Canada.

The main thrust of the modernization act will see CFIA implement consistent practices, from planning to licensing to recordkeeping, for all food commodities, and will feature new inspection regulations across the industry.

What the new food regulations mean for importers and exporters

Under CFIA’s Imported Food Sector Regulatory Proposal food and food product importers will be required to maintain the following:

  • A license to import
  • A Preventative Food Safety Control Plan (PFSCP)
  • Detailed records
  • A recall plan

It’s important that food importers and exporters are ready to mitigate the impact of the new regulations on their business. We’ve prepared a helpful guide “Five questions every Canadian food importer/exporter should ask,” to help businesses like yours keep on track. Download it today and start preparing for CFIA’s new food safety and modernization regulations.

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