Shipping to Canada. Simplified.

Cross-border shipping is a great way to expand your client base, product reach and revenue streams. But there are rules and regulations to adhere to, and non-compliance can be costly.

Expand your borders

The Canadian market, like the country itself, is vast; it’s a true land of opportunity for U.S. businesses looking for new revenue streams.

But like every market, there are complex rules and regulatory requirements that govern the flow of trade across Canada’s borders. Failure to comply, in form of missing or inaccurate documents, can lead to penalties and delays that no business can afford in today’s fast-paced market.

Shipping to Canada: The basics

That’s why it’s important to get up to speed on the basics of shipping to Canada before you send your goods on their way. In the Customs Professional’s Toolkit: Shipping to Canada, you’ll learn what documents are required, who you’ll be dealing with, how to avoid common mistakes and errors, even the most common shipping terms you’ll be seeing.

There’s no better place to get started when shipping to Canada. Download the toolkit today!