Upcoming Energy Efficiency Requirements for Battery Chargers

Amendment 14 to the Energy Efficiency Regulations was published in Canada Gazette Part II which includes new requirements for battery chargers.

These requirements apply only to battery chargers manufactured on or after June 13, 2019. The regulatory proposal is to align the battery charger standard with that of the U.S. Department of Energy.

These regulatory requirements apply to products that fall under the following regulatory definition:

A device that charges the battery of a wheelchair, golf cart, low-speed vehicle or any other end-use product.

It does not include:

  • A device that charges the battery of a vehicle other than a wheelchair, golf cart or low-speed vehicle;
  • A device that charges the battery of a medical device;
  • A wireless battery charger, other than a wireless battery charger that is inductive and designed for wet environments.

If your product does not fall within the scope of this definition, then it is not considered a regulated product and does not need to meet the requirements of the Regulations.

There are four regulatory requirements that apply to battery chargers. The Guide to Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations provides additional information for each requirement. It also provides a summary page for each regulated product.

When the requirements for battery chargers comes into force, there will be a page for battery chargers with the information below.

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