Transport Canada Update on All-Cargo and Mail Security Requirements

Transport Canada provided a notice to industry on the update to all cargo and mail security requirements. Enhancements to the Transport Canada Air Cargo Security Program will come into force February 1, 2021. These enhancements will require that only secure cargo and mail be transported on both passenger and all-cargo international and transborder flights.

Cargo is deemed as secure if it has been screened by either an Air Carrier or by a Program Participant who is approved by the Air Cargo Security Program.

To provide industry with sufficient lead time, air carriers operating all-cargo international and transborder flights will have until June 30, 2021, to become fully compliant with the new regulatory requirements. Transport Canada appreciates that these regulatory enhancements may raise concerns.

Program participants are encouraged to reach out to their supply chain partners to discuss the upcoming changes and to bring awareness to the enhanced regulations coming into force. Program participants are encouraged to leverage the benefits of the Air Cargo Security Program.

Benefits of the program include:

  • ability to ship cargo on both passenger (domestic, international & transborder) and all-cargo transborder and international flights;
  • access to the secure supply chain to control costs and minimize delays;
  • for air carriers, the ability to accept secure cargo from regulated entities within a secure supply chain;
  • access to Transport Canada’s Secure Supply Chain Information Management System (SSCIMS);
  • ability to search in SSCIMS for approved companies to partner with in the supply chain to ensure cargo is secure through each leg of its journey; and
  • access to reference documents in SSCIMS to ensure compliance to regulations.

Note that, as of January 11, 2020, air carriers can now register to the Air Cargo Security Program as an all-cargo air carrier using the following link provided in the bulletin.

If you would like additional information or require assistance with the application process, please contact the Air Cargo Security Program Support Centre by:


Toll-free number: 1-866-375-7342