Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Application Assessment

Like ISO certification, Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification constitutes of proof that the processes and organization are in good shape. An AEO-certified company is financially healthy, enjoys a good reputation and promotes financial, logistics and operational transparency.

Livingston can guide you through the process of completing the self-assessment, applying to become an AEO and run and maintain status. We will:

  • Review cargo safety and security processes, procedures and business practices.
  • Analyze and evaluate findings against relevant AEO regulatory requirements.
  • Present a scorecard report of the findings and risks that will provide you with a gaps analysis.
  • Recommend corrective measures.
  • Manage the implementation of corrective measures.
  • Assess business readiness for the application process.
  • Provide support during the AEO application submission process.

Our comprehensive analysis and recommendations will help you submit a successful AEO application. Once your application is approved, you will start benefiting from the following: less physical and administrative controls, higher priority when selected for controls, lower financial bonds or securities, and shorter supply chain cycle time and lesser products in transit. Also, AEO certified companies will be able to take advantage of simplified procedures in other regions and countries.