Entering the South American market

International freight and transportation: How Livingston helped a trade software and hardware developer enter the South American market.

When this Chicago-based technology company approached Livingston, they were facing a sizeable challenge: The Brazilian import/export market. Dealing mostly in the development of software and hardware for stock exchanges the customer wanted to start operations in Brazil and serve this potentially lucrative, untapped market.

Having identified their goal of expanding into this new market, the customer had no idea how to get their equipment there. They had an office in Brazil, but no headquarters. And they understood that the Brazilian government has implemented complex import and export rules, and many of their competitors had decided breaking into this market was not worth the trouble.

This was both a challenge and an opportunity.

Entering the Brazilian market ahead of competitors would give this trade software and hardware developer a significant advantage, but a successful execution was key.

The first step Livingston took to help the customer get their goods to Brazil was to classify each server component. Due to a significant portion of the hardware components being shipped from multiple locations around the world, Livingston’s international freight and transportation team determined that consolidating the shipments at a central location would be the most effective approach.

“Livingston teams worked closely together to make sure we delivered
for our customer. We involved our international freight and transportation group, our consulting group, our Brazilian partner – it was really a collaboration between all our teams.”
– Devon Meirow, Trade Management Executive

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