Provisional Duty Now Being Assessed on Certain Wheat Gluten

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has announced that Provisional Duties are now payable on certain Wheat Gluten originating in or exported from Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Lithuania, released from Customs on or after December 23, 2020.

Subsequently to CBSA determination, the CITT gave notice on December 23, 2020 that it had initiated an inquiry to determine whether the dumping and subsidizing of the above-mentioned goods have caused injury or retardation or are threatening to cause injury to domestic producers as determined under the Special Import Measures Act.

Wheat gluten is usually classified under HS numbers: 1109.00.10.00 & 1109.00.20.00.

Please note that these HS classifications are provided for convenience of reference only.  Refer to the product definition provided in the CITT Notice of Commencement of Inquiry for authoritative details, including exclusions regarding the subject goods.

The preliminary determination details including provisional duty rates, CBSA Officer names and contact information are found in CBSA’s Notice of Preliminary Determination.

Further details concerning the injury inquiry as well as the inquiry schedule are found in the CITT Notice of Commencement of Inquiry.

Additional information about these investigations is contained in a Statement of Reasons, which will be available within 15 days on the CBSA’s website

Please contact your Livingston account representative should you have any questions.