CBSA Announces Provisional Duties for Some Small Power Transformers

The CBSA announced a preliminary determination of dumping of certain small power transformers originating in or exported from Austria, Taiwan and Korea. As such, the agency will now assess provisional duties on these small power transformer imports released from Customs on or after August 27, 2021.

These goods are described as “liquid dielectric transformers having a top power handling capacity equal to or greater than 3,000 kilovolt amperes, and less than 60,000 kilovolt amperes and having a nominal high voltage rating of greater than 34.5 kilovolts, whether assembled or unassembled, complete or incomplete.”

Usually, small power transformers are classified under HS classification numbers 8504.22.00.20 and 8504.23.00.10. However, they may at times be classified under HS codes 8504.90.90.10, 8504.90.90.82 and 8504.90.90.90. Please note that the HS codes are provided for reference only, refer to the authoritative product description for subjectivity determination.

Currently, the CITT is conducting an inquiry into the effect of the dumping of the goods mentioned above, and will issue a determination regarding the threat of any injury or if any injury has been caused. The CITT Notice of Commencement of Inquiry, containing additional details about the inquiry, can be found on the CITT website.  

The CBSA has published its Notice of Preliminary Determinations, containing additional details, on its website. The agency will publish its Statement of Reasons on its website within 15 days, which will offer additional information regarding the application of provisional duties.

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