Off-Road Diesel Engines TEAR Report Deadline

With the recent implementation of the Canada Border Services Agency’s Single Window Initiative (SWI) to the commodities regulated by the Transportation Division of Environment and Climate Change Canada, has issued this notice to the importing industry. The purpose of this notice is to raise awareness to importers of off-road diesel engines of the upcoming Transition Engine Annual Report (TEAR) deadline of March 31, 2019 under the Off-Road Compression-Ignition Engine Emission Regulations.

Fact Sheet
Transition Engine Annual Report
Transition Engine Annual Report reminder
TEAR Guide

The requirement to submit a TEAR is applicable to individuals and companies who elected to apply the transition engine provisions set out in section 13 of the Regulations in 2018 (i.e. imported and/or manufactured transition engines in 2018). The transition engine provisions allow, for certain periods of time, the import and manufacture of engines meeting either of the previous-tier standards (e.g. Tier 3 standards or the interim Tier 4 standards) if they are installed in or on a machine before the end of the set time frames. For more information on what a transition engine is, you may refer to the fact sheet.

Should you have any questions on the upcoming reporting deadline or the requirements under the Regulations, reach out to the Regulatory Administration Section and contact them directly.

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