News for Canadian Waste and Recyclable Importers and Exporters: U.S. EPA Notification to Experience Shutdown

Canadian companies that import or export waste or recyclable materials should be aware that the U.S. EPA’s notification system will be shut down between October 31st, 2021, and January 17th, 2022. This news means they will have to apply for permits in a different way or risk penalties for noncompliance.

Due to system maintenance, the EPA system will be shut down and will not accept new notifications. If you require a new permit or need to renew one between today and the end of the first quarter of 2022, please use the Canadian Notice and Movement Tracking System (CNMTS) to submit complete import and export notices to/from the U.S. prior to October 15th, 2021.

Be aware that permits issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada under the Cross-Border Movement of Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Recyclable Materials Regulations for imports/exports to/from the U.S. will be delayed. This delay is due to overlap between the new regulations coming into force and the U.S. blackout period.

Note that:

  • The CNMTS remains in operation during the US EPA system blackout period
  • Transit notices will not be affected during the US EPA system blackout period
  • Import and export notices for other countries will not be affected

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