New reporting requirements for aluminum and steel imports

October 17, 2019 – The Government of Canada recently implemented new reporting requirements for imports of certain steel and aluminum products.

These new requirements are a result of amendments made to the Import Control List for imports of Carbon Steel, Specialty Steel Products and Aluminum Products. Specifically, the amendments require importers of these steel and aluminum products to maintain documents and records for a period of 6 years after the year the import was made containing the following information:

  • the name and the address of the importer or consignee;
  • proof of Canadian residency;
  • the date of entry of the goods into Canada;
  • the quantity, expressed in kilograms, of the goods;
  • the country from which the goods are imported;
  • the country of origin of the goods;
  • the shipping document with freight and other transportation costs indicated separately;
  • the tariff classification of the goods indicated in the List of Tariff Provisions set out in the schedule to the Customs Tariff;
  • the import value in Canadian dollars; and
  • a detailed description of the goods.

In addition to these record keeping requirements, documentation requested by Global Affairs must be provided within 10 days of receipt of a request.

The CBSA monitors the compliance of GIP’s. AMPS penalties may be assessed by CBSA on imports not complying with the Terms and Conditions of a GIP.

Carbon Steel Products (GIP#80) include: semi-finished products (ingots, blooms, billets, slabs and sheet bars), plate, sheets and strip, wire rods, wire and wire products, railway-type products, bars, structural shapes and units, pipes and tubes made of carbon steel.

Specialty Steel Products (GIP#81) include: stainless steel sheet, strip, plate, bar, pipe and tube, wire and wire products, alloy tool steel, mold steel and high-speed steel.

Aluminum Products (GIP#83) include: unwrought products (not alloyed and alloyed) and wrought products (bars, rods, profiles, wires, plates, sheets, strips, foil, tubes and pipes, tube and pipe fittings) and other articles of castings and forgings.

Further details regarding record keeping requirements under GIP#’S 80 and 81 for Carbon and Specialty Steel products are found in section 5 of Notice to Importers #970 on the GAC website.

Further details regarding record keeping requirements under GIP# 83 – Aluminum Products are found in section 4 of Notice to Importers #969 on the GAC website.

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