New aluminum import monitoring program under Global Affairs Canada

September 4, 2019 – Global Affairs Canada (GAC) recently issued a Notice to importers, advising of a new aluminum import monitoring program. Under this program, certain aluminum products have been added to the Import Control List (ICL) as item 83, and General Import Permit (GIP) No. 83 has been issued for these products. The program is in effect as of September 1st.

What has changed

Effective September 1, 2019, certain aluminum products imported into Canada must cite the GIP on the B3 import documentation.

Aluminum products affected

The following aluminum products are impacted:

Alloyed and not alloyed unwrought aluminum products, and wrought aluminum products limited to bars, rods, profiles, wires, plates, sheets, strips, foils, tubes and pipes, tube and pipe fittings and other articles of castings and forgings

Impacted HS classification numbers

The program encompasses the following HS classification numbers:

7601.10.00.20, 7601.10.00.90, 7601.20.00.10, 7601.20.00.21, 7601.20.00.29, 7601.20.00.90, 7604.10.00.30, 7604.10.00.40, 7604.21.00.10, 7604.21.00.90, 7604.29.00.11, 7604.29.00.19, 7604.29.00.21, 7604.29.00.19, 7604.29.00.30, 7605.11.00.00, 7605.19.00.00, 7605.21.00.00, 7605.29.00.00, 7606.11.00.10, 7606.11.00.90, 7606.12.00.11, 7606.12.00.12, 7606.12.00.20, 7606.91.00.10, 7606.91.00.90, 7606.92.00.00, 7607.11.00.10, 7607.11.00.20, 7607.11.00.30, 7607.19.00.00, 7607.20.00.10, 7607.20.00.90, 7608.10.00.10, 7608.10.00.90, 7608.20.00.00, 7609.00.00.00, 7616.99.90.21, 7616.99.90.29, 7616.99.90.30

Importer obligations

Importers must retain documents and records for a period of six years after the year in which the import is made. If requested by Global Affairs Canada, the importer must provide the following documents and records within 10 days:

  • Name and the address of the importer or consignee
  • Proof of Canadian residency
  • Date of entry of the goods into Canada
  • Quantity, expressed in kilograms, of the goods
  • Country from which the goods are imported
  • Country of origin of the goods
  • Shipment document with freight and other transportation costs indicated separately
  • Tariff classification of the goods indicated in the List of Tariff Provisions set out in the schedule to the Customs Tariff
  • Import value in Canadian dollars
  • A detailed description of the goods

If you have any questions about the notice issued by Global Affairs Canada regarding the Import Control List and General Import Permit requirements, email: and