Implementation of the amended Fertilizers Regulations – transition period ending

The transition period for the Fertilizers Regulations which were amended on October 26, 2020, is scheduled to come to an end October 26, 2023.

The changes to the Regulations will reduce overall burden on industry as well as introduce new requirements for some product categories that involve up-front investment, cost and time for industry to fully implement. Business disruptions across the value chain caused by the pandemic have made it difficult for some companies to comply with the new regulations by October 26, 2023.

The CFIA is responding to concerns by implementing compliance promotion strategies for product categories that are most impacted and for the companies that demonstrated the “intent” to comply by submitting their applications early (before November 3, 2022). The CFIA will focus its inspection efforts on compliance promotion activities.

Compliance promotion differs from control actions (for example product detention) or enforcement (for example prosecution) which the CFIA can take to correct a non-compliance and control risks. It is an activity that supports, motivates or encourages compliance with legislation that CFIA enforces. It includes industry consultations, communication, information sharing, tools and processes to help regulated parties understand the regulatory requirements.

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