Health Canada Consultation on Proposed Front-of-Package Labelling

Health Canada has launched consultation of the proposed mandatory nutrition symbol for front-of-package labelling and is requesting your feedback. Your responses will help guide the choice of a nutrition symbol for the front of food packages in Canada. Health Canada is seeking comments from consumers and interested parties on the proposal for mandatory front-of-package nutrition symbols, for foods high in saturated fat and/or sugars and/or sodium.

Consultations on the following proposals:

  • proposed regulations for front-of-package labelling for foods high in saturated fat, sugars and sodium
  • proposed front-of-package nutrition symbols
    Note: These symbols are not currently in the regulations proposed in the Canada Gazette, Part I consultation. However, the nutrition symbol chosen as a result of this online consultation process will be included in the final Regulation that will be published in Canada Gazette, Part II, and will therefore be inserted directly in the Food and Drug Regulations.

We are also seeking your input on other regulatory requirements related to nutrition such as:

  • moving nutrition claims from the Food and Drug Regulations to a List Incorporated by Reference in the Regulations
  • updating the conditions for some claims
  • changing the labelling requirements for foods containing certain high-intensity sweeteners
  • increasing the Vitamin D levels in milk and margarine
  • making some changes to reflect the recent ban on partially hydrogenated fats and oils, the main source of industrially produced trans fats

How to participate:

  1. Take part in our quick and easy online Food Front-of-Package Nutrition Symbol Consultation to help us choose which symbol could be used on the front-of-packages.
  2. Provide your comments on:
    a. Regulations Amending the Food and Drug Regulations (Nutrition Symbols, Other Labelling Provisions, Partially Hydrogenated Oils and Vitamin D) in Part I of the Canada Gazette.
    b. Directory of Nutrition Symbol Formats.
    c. Notice of Health Canada’s Proposal to Incorporate by Reference the Table of Permitted Nutrient Content Statements and Claims.

You may wish to use the Summary of proposed amendments published in Canada Gazette, Part I: nutrition symbols, other labelling provisions, partially hydrogenated oils and vitamin D.

The consultation is available online and is open for comments from February 10, 2018 and ends April 26, 2018.

Contact information
Please provide your comments by April 26 by:


Bruno Rodrigue
(Attention: Canada Gazette, Part I, February 10, 2018)
Policy, Planning and International Affairs Directorate
Health Products and Food Branch
Health Canada
Holland Cross, Tower A, Suite 14, Ground Floor
1600 Scott Street
Ottawa, Ontario
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