Government of Canada Consultation on Regulatory Reviews and Modernization

The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) has published a Canada Gazette consultation notice to seek input and views on three targeted regulatory reviews in these sectors: agri-food and aquaculture; health/bio-sciences; and transportation and infrastructure, including emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles.

The consultation will run from July 28th to September 15th, 2018, and will be an important input to the work being done on the targeted regulatory reviews.

Through this consultation, TBS is looking for tangible examples of existing regulatory requirements or practices that impede economic growth, competitiveness, or the adoption of existing and emerging technologies in these three sectors. They would also appreciate your recommendations on what the
Government of Canada should do to address these impediments, as well as your suggestions for regulatory experimentation.

The consultation and more information on Canada’s regulatory modernization agenda can be found in the Canada Gazette.

Input received from this consultation will be shared with departments and agencies. Your input and suggestions will be considered in the context of these targeted regulatory reviews.

Submissions can be sent to

Your detailed input will help the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, as well as implicated departments and agencies, in providing practical recommendations on how to identify and resolve irritants and barriers to innovation and economic growth to build a more nimble Canadian regulatory system.