Consultations on Prohibiting the Manufacture and Import of Wheel Weights Containing Lead

Environment Canada and Health Canada is consulting with industry on the proposed amendments to the CEPA 1999 on the prohibition of manufacturing and import of wheel weights containing lead. Consultation  is published in Canada Gazette part 1, Vol 155, number 27 July 3. 2021.

Consultations is open for comment and input and closes on September 11, 2021. Consultation document can be viewed here.

Lead is listed in Schedule 1 (the List of Toxic Substances) to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA). CEPA provides the Minister of the Environment (the Minister) and the Minister of Health with the authority to control the importation, manufacture, distribution, and use of lead and lead compounds in Canada. Lead is subject to numerous federal risk management initiatives in Canada that target drinking water, food, natural health and therapeutic products, cosmetics, tobacco, and other consumer products, as well as the environment. CEPA prohibits the addition of lead in gasoline and controls its release from secondary lead smelters, steel manufacturing, and mining effluents.

The proposed Regulations would prohibit the manufacture and import of wheel weights in Canada that contain more than 0.1% by weight of lead. By preventing new wheel weights containing lead from entering the Canadian market, the proposed Regulations would gradually eliminate lead wheel weight stocks.

The proposed Regulations would reduce the amount of lead wheel weights lost on Canadian roads and highways by up to 90% within five years after coming into force. Regulated parties would be able to choose to import or manufacture any lead-free alternatives, with the exception of wheel weights that have a mercury concentration of 0.1% or more, the import and manufacture of which are prohibited by Canada’s Products Containing Mercury Regulations.

The proposed Regulations would come into force 12 months after the day on which they are registered. Information, fact sheets and frequently asked questions on the proposed Regulations would be provided on the Environment and Climate Change Canada website prior to the coming-into-force date.


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