Consultation on Proposed Changes to Food Labelling Modernization

The Government of Canada recently published in Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 153, Number 25, the proposed changes to food labelling requirements in the Food and Drug Regulations and the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations and are requesting your feedback and input. Review the proposed changes on food labelling in Canada and submit your comments on the consultation by Sept. 4, 2019.

Food Labelling Modernization

The Government of Canada is developing a more modern and innovative food labelling system that meets the needs of consumers and industry through the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s Food Labelling Modernization initiative.

The proposed changes would make information on food labels clearer. They would improve consumers’ ability to compare products, read and understand labels, and obtain useful product information, such as where imported food comes from, what the food contains, and how long the quality of the food will last.

The changes would also amend outdated and unnecessary regulations and provide Canada’s food industry with some flexibility in how the regulations apply to certain requirements. This is necessary in an evolving food environment and helps promote innovation and facilitate market access for Canadian food businesses. The changes better align Canada’s labelling requirements with international standards, as well as the requirements of key trading partners, which would facilitate trade for Canada’s food industry.

To ensure industry is given adequate time to make any labelling changes, a phased-in transition period is proposed to reflect industry readiness and align with other Government of Canada labelling initiatives.

CFIA is also holding webinars in July 2019 on the Food Labelling Modernization regulatory changes, view the available dates.

Interested persons may make representations concerning the proposed Regulations and submit to the address below

Director, Food Safety and Consumer Protection Directorate,
Policy and Programs Branch, Canadian Food Inspection Agency
1400 Merivale Road, Tower 2, Floor 6
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0Y9

By fax: 613-773-5603