Changes to the Interim Process for Electronic House Bills

Canada Border Services Agency has recently issued on May 11, 2018 Customs Notice 18-04.

This notice replaces Customs Notice 17-22 and provides a provision to the interim process to address a specific scenario for single shipments (back to back) destined to primary warehouses.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has developed an interim process to address current security and program integrity concerns until systems enhancements for electronic house bill requirements and functionality are deployed. These system enhancements are necessary to fully support the eManifest program and to allow freight forwarders to comply with all reporting requirements.

The CBSA has reviewed the interim process published in Customs Notice 17-22 and a decision has been made to include a provisional allowance to the interim process for electronic house bills. This addition to the interim process will allow non-consolidated single house bills to move from one primary warehouse, destined to another primary warehouse, when the house bill is moving under its own bonded freight forwarder code. House bills that are moving under a primary cargo control number (i.e. a 9000 series CCN), must continue to be destined to a CW warehouse for release.

Provisional Allowance to Interim Process – refer to paragraphs 6 – 11 for details on this provision.

The existing rules for the interim process have remained unchanged and will continue for the duration of the voluntary period as indicated in Customs Notice 17-15.

Contact CBSA for approval to participate in this process by emailing the eManifest Help Desk.

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For additional information regarding eManifest requirements clients may visit the CBSA website.