CBSA Re-investigation of normal values on Dry Wheat Pasta

December 3, 2019 – The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced on November 27, 2019, the initiation of a re-investigation to update the normal values, export prices and amounts of subsidy respecting certain dry wheat pasta originating or exported from Turkey.

The subject goods are described as “All dry wheat-based pasta, not stuffed or otherwise prepared, and not containing more than two percent eggs, whether or not enriched, fortified, organic, whole wheat or containing milk or other ingredients, originating in or exported from the Republic of Turkey, excluding refrigerated, frozen or canned pasta”.

These goods are usually classified under HS classification numbers 1902.19.21.30, 1902.19.29.30, 1902.19.93.00, 1902.19.22.30, 1902.19.91.00, 1902.19.99.30, 1902.19.23.30 and 1902.19.92.30. The HS codes are listed for convenience of reference only. Refer to the product definition for the authoritative details regarding the subject goods.

Exporters wishing to participate in this re-investigation are required to provide a complete and accurate response to the CBSA’s Request for Information (RFI) by January 17, 2020.

The CBSA is contacting all known and potential exporters. Any importers or exporters who have not received a letter from the CBSA with the accompanying RFIs, and who wish to participate should contact one of the officers identified below. It is also suggested that importers contact their exporters to ensure they have received the exporter RFI and if they intend to cooperate with the CBSA in this re-investigation.

Responses to the Importer RFI are due by December 18, 2019. Importers are cautioned that new normal values and amounts of subsidy, when issued, may be higher than those currently in effect and that this could result in additional assessments of anti-dumping duty.

Any questions concerning the above should be directed to:

SIMA Registry and Disclosure Unit
Trade and Anti-dumping Programs Directorate
Canada Border Services Agency
100 Metcalfe Street, 11th floor
Ottawa, ON K1A 0L8

Officers’ names and contact information are:

Kevin Lambertsen: 613-954-7341

Ansa Mohammad: 613-960-6096


Additional information and a link to a re-investigation schedule is available in the CBSA Notice of Re-investigation.

Please contact your Livingston account representative should you have any questions.