CBSA initiates re-investigation of normal values of certain steel line pipe from Korea

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has recently initiated a re‑investigation of the normal values and export prices of certain carbon and alloy steel line pipe subject to the Line Pipe 2 SIMA case found in the Measures in Force.

Re-investigations and normal value reviews are administrative proceedings conducted to update values; establish values for new products or models subject to the measures in force; and establish values for exporters that do not currently have values.

Re-investigations are conducted in respect of all exporters of goods originating in or exported from a country or countries covered by the CITT’s order or finding, whereas normal value reviews are conducted in respect of a single exporter subject to the CITT’s order or finding

Complete details regarding the notice of re-investigation is available here.

Please contact your Livingston account representative should you have any questions.