CBSA concludes investigation into alleged carbon steel fastener dumping

The CBSA announced it recently concluded a normal value review, its term to describe an investigation into dumping practices. The agency investigated certain carbon steel fasteners exported to Canada by Zyh Yin Enterprise Co. Ltd., based in Taiwan.

The normal value review was launched after a Canadian importer requested the CBSA evaluate the price of Zyh Yin’s carbon steel fasteners as well as the volume of sales. To carry out the normal value review, the CBSA sent requests for information to Zyh Yin and an importer.

Based on the information Zyh Yin provided, the CBSA determined normal values as well as export prices. These normal values and export prices have now been set by the CBSA, and are effective as of September 15th, 2021.

The CBSA has the authority to apply normal values and export prices to any requests for re-determination of imports of the subject goods that weren’t processed before the normal value review concluded, regardless of when the agency received the requests. Moreover, the agency may apply the normal values and export prices retroactively if certain conditions have been met.

Importers bear the responsibility of calculating and declaring anti-dumping and countervailing duty liability. To determine these liabilities, importers should contact their suppliers, who provide information on normal values and subsidy amounts. Under limited circumstances, the CBSA makes this information available to importers; please refer to Memorandum D14-1-2 for more information.

For more details on the CBSA normal value review, please refer to the agency’s website.