CBSA concludes normal value and export price review on hot-rolled steel plate 6

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), on October 19, 2020, concluded a normal value review to update the normal values and export prices applicable to certain hot-rolled steel plate exported to Canada from Ukraine by the Metinvest Group of Companies (Metinvest Group), which includes Metinvest International S.A. (MISA).

The goods subject to the CITT’s orders and their tariff classification numbers are contained in Appendix 1 of the CBSA’s Notice of Conclusion.

At the initiation of the normal value review, the CBSA sent Requests for Information (RFIs) to companies within the Metinvest Group to solicit information on the costs and selling prices of subject goods and like goods.

The CBSA determined that the information provided by the Metinvest Group in its RFI response was sufficient for purposes of determining normal values and export prices in this review. As such, specific normal values for future shipments of certain hot-rolled carbon steel plate have been determined for the Metinvest Group. These normal values are effective as of October 11, 2020

The normal values and export prices may be applied to any requests for re‑determination of importations of subject goods that have not been processed prior to the conclusion of this normal value review, regardless of the date that the requests were received. The normal values and export prices determined as a result of this review may be applied retroactively where the certain conditions are met.

Importers are reminded that it is their responsibility to calculate and declare their anti-dumping and countervailing duty liability. In order to determine their anti-dumping and countervailing duty liability, importers should contact their suppliers who can provide information on normal values and amounts of subsidy. Under limited circumstances, the CBSA may make this information available to importers. Please refer to Memorandum D14-1-2 for more information.

The CBSA Notice of Conclusion of Normal Value and Export Price Review containing additional details can be found on CBSA’s website.

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