Carrier Partnerships

As a carrier, it’s in your best interest to make life easier for your customers – to put time back in their day so they can focus on their core business. Carriers that offer their clients options and additional services – especially those that can reduce costs for their clients – can stand out in a crowded field.

A Partnership That Benefits You, And Your Clients

Your expertise is in moving goods, not clearing them. But what if you could offer a brokerage solution in addition to your carrier services? Positioning yourself as an end-to-end transportation service provider can deliver a number of benefits to your business – not to mention to your clients:

1. A customs brokerage solution provides an additional revenue stream, helping improve your bottom line.

2. Brokerage is a solution with significant client grip – we’ve learned over the years that customers tend to stick with the providers who can handle the complex requirements inherent in customs clearance.

3. Customs brokerage can help differentiate you in the crowded transportation marketplace – and even help you stand up to the big-name players who offer brokerage themselves.

A greater product offering – one that generates revenue with no overhead cost, helps you grow, retain clients and differentiates you from your competition – is a great way to position your business for future growth.

Livingston’s Carrier Partnership Program

Livingston has the customs brokerage knowledge, expertise and resources available to ensure fast, efficient clearance of goods, no matter the cargo, destination or port of entry. Our Carrier Partnership Program allows you to leverage those resources while maintaining your focus on your day-to-day operations.

When shipments are facing delays at the border due to a customs issue, carriers are often just as in-the-dark as the customer, but with Livingston as your partner, you can be confident that shipments will clear customs quickly and efficiently, you’ll always know the status of your customers’ shipments and be able to update them accordingly.

With Livingston’s resources at your side, you’ll be able to offer your customers a robust, end-to-end solution – one that helps improve your bottom line and makes life easier for your clients. Call us today to learn more!

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