WhatsApp hack may compromise carrier data

A cybersecurity breach in Facebook’s messaging app, WhatsApp, has left users vulnerable to malicious spyware installed on their smartphones. The Financial Times reported that surveillance spyware was installed on phones using WhatsApp’s call feature. The software was installed even if individuals didn’t pick up the call, and the calls often disappeared from the call logs.

This vulnerability could allow hackers to take complete control of a mobile device, and is being used to compromise specific devices.

Many trade industry members, particularly carriers, use this massaging app for monitoring and tracking purposes. It is strongly recommended that WhatsApp users immediately update to the current version of the app (iOS – v2.19.51, Android – v2.19.134) or remove it from any mobile devices.

To update the app, users can go to their Google or Apple app store, find WhatsApp, and click “update”.