Updated version of guide to Canada’s export control list

The Government of Canada has published the latest version of A Guide to Canada’s Export Control List. The new version of the Guide will bring into force the commitments Canada has made in the various multilateral export control regimes up to December 31, 2021.

A summary of key changes made to the December 2021 edition can be viewed here: Summary of key changes made to A Guide to Canada’s Export Control List..

The current December 2020 version of the Guide remains in effect until December 20, 2022. Backgrounder information on the guide is found here.

Global Affairs Canada provides the requirements and information on export controls and is published on their website. In accordance with the Export and Import Permits Act, the Trade Controls Bureau is responsible for issuing permits and certificates for various products included on the Export Control List (ECL).

Exporters wishing to review a document tracking the individual changes made to the Guide or who have any questions regarding this amendment should contact the Export Controls Policy Division at expctrlpol@international.gc.ca