U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Filing Pilot Open to All Brokers

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is strongly encouraging importers to begin filing the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) FWS data set prior to the agency’s enforcement. Early filing allows Brokers and importers to gain a better understanding of ACE messaging, the timing and management of those statuses, and the nuances of the message set.

The pilot allows Brokers to submit data to FWS using one of two methods: Entire Data Set (EDS) or Limited Data Set (LDS).

The Entire Data Set incorporates all data normally submitted via the eDecs Portal and provides the filer the opportunity to submit all the data to FWS via ACE.

The Limited Data Set permits Brokers who have already filed a completed FWS Form 3-177 (eDec) via the FWS eDecs Portal, to submit the FWS eDecs confirmation number in their ACE entry.

Brokers will be able to receive status updates via their Automated Broker Interface (ABI) messages, such as “Under Review,” “May Proceed,” and/or “FWS Cleared.”.  Early adopters benefit from this automated messaging, actively engage with FWS through standard data reporting resulting in general speed of cargo release.