The Tax Administration Service (SAT) publishes the official list of New Customs Administrators

The Tax Administration Service (SAT) released an official list with 16 of the 17 new administrators of maritime customs in Mexico.

The document, entitled “Naval Personnel Proposed for Maritime Customs Administrators,” contains photographs with the officials’ faces, grade (military), full name, position in customs and inspection point to which they were designated.

This list was released hours later after the same SAT shared a statement to the press in which it was reported that the head of the General Customs Administration (AGA), Horacio Duarte Olivares, had led a protocol ceremony for the appointments in the port from Veracruz.

No details on the new administrators were given in the first press release.

It stands out, precisely, that the list shared later contains only 16 of the 17 administrators that the SAT indicated that they had been appointed, an issue that has not yet been resolved by the social communication area of the fiscal arm, questioned expressly.

It also highlights that, contrary to what had been said, not all new administrators are in retirement, since in some cases they do not indicate it.

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