Tax Administration Service publishes update for Technical Guidelines for VOCE Registers

Tax Administration Service

The Tax Administration Service (SAT), published in Bulletin No.6, by means of which it informs that version 8.9 of the Technical Guidelines of VOCE Registers – SAAI M3 is already available, in which fields 31 to 35 of record 501 General data are modified, corresponding to the amounts of decrementables.

It is important to mention that the guidelines are published on the Customs portal, in the following route: Customs / Cargo / Services / File downloads / Import and export / Final and preliminary manuals. You can also view the guidelines here.

Therefore, it is necessary to adopt the necessary measures to transmit the validation files in terms of the provisions of the aforementioned guidelines, since the new version of the Foreign Trade Operations Validator will be released on February 26 of this year, according to as indicated in the First Transitory Article of the Second Resolution of Modifications to the RGCE 2020, which was published in the Federal Official Gazette on October 26, 2020.

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