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Tradesphere® Restricted Party Screening (RPS)

Trade compliance includes knowing who you are doing business with. Many governments forbid trade with black-listed players or organizations. Our software solution rapidly identifies all of them.

A Growing Risk

Penalties and prosecutions are increasing for companies that trade, even unwittingly, with listed parties or entities deemed irresponsible or a threat to national security. In 2019, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) levied more than $1.3 billion in fines, up from only $71 million in 2018. Clearance through a U.S. bank or in USD is all that matters, not your geographic location.

Consolidated: More Than 100 Lists

There are more than 100 government agency denied-party lists worldwide that must be scanned to assure compliance. Livingston’s TradeSphere RPS software consolidates them all. Updated daily, it provides a fast and comprehensive way to identify embargoed parties listed by the U.S., Canada, the European Union, the United Nations and many other countries.

Automated Due Diligence Without IT

TradeSphere RPS is insurance and governance in one low-effort software service for trade departments. As a full-compliance specialist and not a software vendor, Livingston has developed a convenient web interface that doesn’t have to be added to an ERP system or administered by IT. Comprehensive screening is done manually whenever needed. Re-screening occurs automatically with government updates.

All Possibilities Identified

Who should be screened? Any customer for any product or good destined for export. TradeSphere RPS screening requests are processed through a series of proprietary algorithms. All variations of names and potential issues are flagged. Matches are entered into a shortlist and you are notified. Any possible conflict can be further searched and resolved.

Reporting: Proof On Demand

With TradeSphere RPS you are covered in the case of government audit. All your search results are maintained in a central database that can be accessed anytime you need a report. Included are screening dates and results and actions taken. There is no better proof of due diligence.

How Can We Help You?

Getting an online quote is easy. Simply tell us what you want, and a Livingston representative will be in contact to advise you on the most efficient way to accomplish your requirements.
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