Voluntary Disclosures & Appeals

Voluntary Disclosures

Everyone makes mistakes. Customs authorities recognize that errors and oversights can happen and make it possible for you to come forward and correct your non-compliance after the designated time limit for corrections has passed.

You can voluntarily disclose the non-compliance to Customs, make the necessary corrections and pay any outstanding duties and taxes with interest. However, once Customs discovers the error or initiates an audit with you, voluntary disclosure is no longer an option.

We can determine if you meet the criteria for voluntary disclosure and guide you through the process of submitting and receiving acceptance. Our trade consultants will:

  • Review the non-compliant issue and its scope within your trading practices.
  • Prepare an accurate report of the error or omission.
  • Discuss the implications with Customs and submit your voluntary disclosure.
  • Negotiate with Customs to mitigate any penalties and interest.

By using our service, you can minimize the risk of penalties, fines and loss of importing privileges by addressing issues of non-compliance before they are discovered by customs authorities.


Our trade consultants have the skills and the track record, to handle any dispute, appeal or trade action you need to undertake – no matter how complex.

You can rely on our experience to guide you through the appeal process. From initial contact and liaising with customs authorities through to formal legal representation, we can help. Our team fully understands the process, preparation and strategic considerations necessary to improve the likelihood of securing a favorable outcome. You’ll benefit by reducing your provisional payable duties and maximizing the refund of extra duties once your case has been resolved.