Training And Support

Customized Training

In addition to our public seminar and webinar program, many companies look to us to provide customized in-house training or alternatively, training programs for their vendors.

Our workshops can take place in person as a seminar at your facility or local venue, or can be presented online as a webinar. Our presenters are extremely knowledgeable senior staffs who regularly deliver sessions of our public seminar series. The training is customized to meet your specific needs and can cover any topic; it can be as general, as technical, or as strategic as you need.

By using Livingston for your training needs, you will increase the knowledge and skills of your staff, keep abreast of regulatory changes and new initiatives and reduce the risk of non-compliance and potential penalties.

Support Services

Our support services are highly customized to your needs. We provide professional resources with broad skill sets, including: technical specialists, licensed customs brokers, project managers, accountants, and auditors. We can also access staff from our customs brokerage divisions to provide you with the expertise that best fits your needs. Our support services can help importers by offering technically-skilled customs professionals – often at very short notice – for either short-term or long-term assignments.

Livingston has the technical expertise to tackle your most complex trade issues, guide you through a customs event and provide up-to-the-minute technical training.

We offer technical expertise in the following areas:

  • Compliance programs – Assessments and improvement plans, process and internal control design, valuation, voluntary disclosures and appeals, and post-entry audits.
  • Export controls – Jurisdiction determination and export licensing assistance.
  • Classification services – Determine the correct tariff classification for new products or reassess existing ones for import classification HTS/HS, Schedule B and/or Export Control Classification.
  • International trade agreements – Rules of origin and marketing, origin determination, origin verification, supplier management programs.

Whether it helps you fill a short or long-term gap in management or customs staff or avoid the recruitment process or having to take on another permanent staff member, you will know that you have the expert skills and technical knowledge you need for your program.