Export Controls

Livingston Export Control services include an accurate, auditable methodology for jurisdiction determination and assistance with export licensing for companies that are exporting out of the United States or Canada. With multimillion dollar penalties being issued to exporters in the U.S. and Canada, having a good solid understanding of export controls and a documented export compliance program is critical.

Our Export Controls solutions include:

  • Jurisdiction Determination
  • Export Licensing Assistance

Jurisdiction Determination

We analyze your exports, such as hardware, software, systems and information to determine which government agency has jurisdiction over it. We then classify the equipment, services and technology according to their characteristics and their end-use in order to determine which controls may or may not apply.

We will review your company’s operations to:

  • Determine the applicable Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) or United States Munitions List (USML) category and populate a classification matrix.
  • Define and implement a classification and export determination process to identify licensing requirements and to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance.
  • Provide classification training to your employees.

Accurate and documented classification and export jurisdiction determination of company products, software, technology and services supports compliance with U.S. and Canadian export regulations. These actions will minimize the risk of violation of the applicable control regulations, prevent interruptions in your export operations and protect your company’s reputation and position in the marketplace.

Export Licensing Assistance

Export classification and licensing requirements can be time-consuming and challenging. Exporters are required to determine the correct export jurisdiction and classification of affected articles in order to obtain the proper authorizations. Once licenses are obtained, Exporters are required to track license values and volumes to ensure that transactions are not shipping against exhausted and/or expired licenses.

Livingston’s U.S. Export Licensing services can be tailored to your needs. Not sure which licenses you need? We can review the specifications of the goods and services you offer and determine whether they are subject to the ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) or EAR (Export Administration Regulations). Our export advisors have experience with a wide range of Defense and Commerce-controlled articles, including how to export them according to U.S. export regulations.

Prior to proceeding with license application, we’ll examine all ITAR and EAR exemptions that might be applied to your exports to improve delivery lead times. We’ll guide you through the licensing process and assist you in preparing, completing and submitting the necessary license applications, as well as review associated documents for completeness and accuracy prior to submission.

Knowing the regulations and timing for obtaining the correct authorizations can help you improve compliance, avoid severe penalties and streamline your process to enable you to get your merchandise to the international marketplace.

With the help of our export compliance and licensing advisors you’ll improve your export compliance and minimize your risk of financial penalties from non-compliance.